71 cats, kittens seized from motorhomes in ‘hoarding situation’ near Squamish, B.C.


The BC SPCA has seized 71 cats and kittens from two motorhomes on a rural property near Squamish.

The animal welfare organization says the investigation involved a “hoarding situation” where the cats and kittens were being kept in unsanitary conditions.

“High levels of ammonia from urine, lack of proper ventilation and feces piled up in their living space,” says Eileen Drever, the BC SPCA’s senior officer of protection and stakeholder relations, in a news release.

The animals were found in cupboards and under furniture. Others were found under car seats and beneath a vehicle’s dashboard.

They were taken to a specialized BC SPCA facility in Surrey to be assessed and have since been moved to other locations for ongoing care, the BC SPCA says.

“Seven kittens have been born since the animals were seized and several other female cats are suspected to be pregnant,” says Drever. “We are currently also providing treatment for giardia and upper respiratory infection.”

Drever adds that most of the cats are friendly and “accepting of human attention.”

While the animals are not currently up for adoption, the BC SPCA is asking for donations to help with their continued care.

“As you can imagine, a seizure of this size puts a tremendous strain on our resources,” says Drever. “We want to ensure that these poor animals get all the care and attention that they need and deserve.”


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