Experts teach how to respond to active shooter

NASHVILLE, TN (WSMV)- In the immediate aftermath of the Kroger shooting, the Collierville Police Chief talked about what saved lives.

“It was very obvious that the employees, and even the customers, knew what to do, and it was: run, hide, fight,” Collierville Police Chief Dale Lane said.

Law enforcement has released the name of suspect from the deadly mass shooting at Collierville Kroger on Thursday afternoon.

News4 decided to talk to experts about exactly how to do that.

Bob Allen is the director of training at the Royal Range in Nashville. Allen said, if an active shooter walks in, you need to run away from the shooter and, if at all possible, get outside.

“If we run out the door and get out there in the wood line, he isn’t going to hunt us down out there. He’s looking to trap us in a corner,” said Allen.

Next, you should hide and be strategic about it. Then, you can find a way to barricade yourself in and the shooter out.

“If they can’t kick it in or turn the door and open it, they move on down the hall,” Allen said.

In the immediate aftermath of the Kroger shooting, the Collierville police chief talked about what saved lives.

The easiest door to barricade is an “open-in” door that opens into the room and not out. Finally, your last resort is to fight. But, Allen said, don’t go for the shooter, but go for their weapon.

“Is that nerve-wracking? Yeah, but it’s better than him pulling the gun on you and shooting a whole bunch of you too,” Allen said.

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