Goats on the loose in Atlanta draw big crowd

BUCKHEAD, Ga. (CBS46) — Dozens of goats grazed among skyscrapers in Buckhead on Monday.

Atlanta Police responded to the call just like any other bad situation but no one saw this coming.

“So basically, we were just getting our coffee, a regular Starbucks run and then my girlfriend looks out the window and she’s like… are those goats? And I’m like I think so. I think those are goats,” witness Stasha said.

There were goats on the loose in Buckhead during the lunch hour. It’s not exactly something you see every day. It was captured on camera and shared on social media.

“They were in the street, they were by Starbucks, they wanted some coffee, and it didn’t work out,” Stasha said.

Here’s what happened. The goats were hired to clear an area of brush behind the “Disco Kroger” on Piedmont Road. And like a bunch of “kids” they escaped.

“I was a little worried at first when they were running because this is a main drag and I was just afraid they were going to get hit, but now it’s just like what is happening?” witness Grace Asbury asked.

They belong to a company called Get Your Goats Rental. The owner said they managed to get out of a temporary fence and roam about 500-yards where a group of people corralled them in a grassy area outside the Rooms-To-Go store on Peachtree Road.

“These guys they were working over behind Kroger and they wanted to come out and see the people so we’re not exactly sure how they got out. We’re going to go back and check the fencing as soon as we get them loaded up and make sure it doesn’t happen again,” Get Your Goat Rentals owner Mark Stevens said.

Incredibly none of the 40 goats were injured. Instead, they established the city’s most popular petting zoo, perhaps “The Greatest Of All Time.”

“I’ve never seen them just walking down through Buckhead. So yeah, it’s a party so we should charge,” Stasha said.

The goats were eventually loaded up in a trailer and taken back to their job site.


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