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1) Grammy-Nominated Singer Releases Song Criticizing Biden

The Topline: Grammy-nominated artist and lead singer of Five For Fighting, John Ondrasik, is using his talents to bring attention to the ongoing humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan after the Taliban takeover.

Quote Of The Day:

“Look, we’re all Americans…if I go over to Europe, they’re not going to say, ‘Who did you vote for?’ They’re going to say, ‘What did you guys do? How did you abandon those people?’ So it’s all on us. We elect our leaders. “

 John Ondrasik, lead singer of Five For Fighting

Five for Fighting

“Blood On My Hands”

Morning Wire spoke with Ondrasik, who recently released a song called “Blood On My Hands” after witnessing the crisis unfolding in Afghanistan as the Taliban took over the country. 

He said he couldn’t believe private citizens had to go into the country and risk their lives to rescue those left behind by the government.  

Music Industry Silent On Afghanistan 

The Taliban takeover of Afghanistan led to profound implications for the arts there, with all live music in the country now banned. 

Ondrasik said he finds the silence of the music industry with regard to the situation in Afghanistan “disappointing.”

He said he was warned by everyone not to speak out, but he thought about the cruel treatment of women and children in Afghanistan. 

Brandon Bell/Staff/Getty Images

2) Texas Starts Building A Border Wall

The Topline: Texas is preparing to construct its own barrier along the state’s border with Mexico after President Biden halted all construction on President Trump’s border wall earlier this year.

Quote Of The Day:

They were completely unprepared for the consequences of open border policies, then now seeing it to the detriment of the United States, but also to the detriment of Joe Biden’s own polling data, where he is getting crushed because of the vector that he’s caused on the Texas border.”

– Texas Governor Greg Abbot (R)


In June, Governor Greg Abbott (R-TX) pledged $250 million of state funds to start building a border wall and other barriers, while also initiating a crowdfunding effort to help fund the project. 

By the end of August, the public had donated $54 million for a wall.

Abbott also recently signed a bill which includes another $750 million for border barriers, saying his office had identified 733 miles of border that may need a barrier. 

The Pushback

Some advocacy groups in favor of looser immigration laws have threatened to sue Texas for building its own wall, arguing that securing international borders is the job of the federal government.

The Role Of The Biden Administration

On President Biden’s first day in office, he paused all border wall construction projects and canceled the national emergency Trump had used to help build the wall. 

Immigration experts say the administration’s welcoming message to potential migrants, along with lax border policies, have contributed to the crisis at the southern border. In July, border officials encountered more than 212,000 migrants – the highest number since March 2000. 

So far this year, authorities have encountered over 1.4 million migrants. 

Klaus Vedfelt/Getty Images

3) Critical Race Theory Whistleblower

The Topline:  An anonymous whistleblower from inside the Jefferson County School district spoke with Morning Wire after they became concerned over the discrepancy between what the public was being told and what was actually happening in classrooms. 

Public Message

In a Denver Post article earlier this year, Chief Academic Officer at Jefferson County Schools, Matt Flores, said the controversial 1619 Project isn’t taught at the schools. The school system also denied implementing Critical Race Theory (CRT) in classrooms.

The whistleblower told The Daily Wire, however, that isn’t true and the district does incorporate specific doctrines associated with Critical Race Theory which explicitly teach kids and staff to look at one another based on the color of their skin.

Inside The School

Documents provided to The Daily Wire show the graduation expectations at the school imply students are expected to become activists on behalf of Left-wing ideologies.

For Example: they say students will develop cross-cultural skills and cultural self-awareness through study and travel in order to advocate for diversity, inclusion, and equitability, and students will use multiple lenses, including social justice and intersectionality, in order to become responsible global citizens.

“Wake-Up Signs”

The whistleblower told The Daily Wire the department forced all educators to take equity training focused on intersectional theory last year. 

The district leadership was also reading the controversial book, “White Fragility,” and confessing their racism. The person said speaking out or voicing disagreement would make them lose their job and those who would not confess to their racism were considered racist. 

The whistleblower added that the district receives many complaints from conservative families concerned about what’s being taught, but those are typically pushed aside and hidden.

Stefani Reynolds/Bloomberg/Contributor/Getty Images

Other Stories We’re Tracking

Ben & Jerrys 

The ice cream company Ben & Jerry’s announced a temporary new flavor named “Change is Brewing.”  The flavor honors Democrat Representative Cori Bush, who has been a key supporter of the “Defund the Police” movement. The new flavor promotes the “People’s Response Act,” which seeks to replace police officers with social workers in mental health cases.

Florida Pro-Life Bill

A new bill filed in Florida closely mirrors the Texas Heartbeat Act which bans most abortions after around six weeks of pregnancy. House Bill 167 prohibits a physician from performing an abortion if a fetal heartbeat is detected, and allows private civil enforcement of the law.

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