Former Quarterback Joe Theismann Leaks Washington Football Team’s New Name

While it’s unclear if former quarterback Joe Theismann has leaked the new name of the  Washington Football team ahead of the Feb. 2 announcement, he certainly sounds convincing.

”I think the Commanders is a name that is going to be one that hopefully people like going forward,” Theismann told CBS Sports Radio on Monday morning, according to Mediaite.

Despite Theisman’s remark, it couldn’t be confirmed if he endorsed the name or confirmed it.

”A Commander, basically, it’s Washington, D.C.,” Theismann told ”The DA Show.” ”A lot of commanders in Washington, D.C., in the Pentagon, and a lot of different branches of the service. So to me, that’s really the way I’m looking at it, as positions of leadership when it comes to the new name.”

For Theismann, accepting a new team name largely hinges on how Washington’s upcoming season goes.

”If you win, people are going to get excited about it. If you lose, people are going to be upset about it,” he continued. ”That’s the way you do it. That’s the bottom line in our business. If you win, people are going to say, ‘You know, I like that, I can cheer for that. Commanders, ya.’ But if you lose, it’s like, ‘Why did they do that? I’m not happy with that name.”’

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