GOP Capitalizing on Biden’s Declining Popularity Among Hispanic Voters

Republicans are making a faith-based outreach to Hispanic voters as President Joe Biden support among the important voting group falters, the Washington Examiner is reporting.

Political issues are increasingly being brought to the forefront by Hispanic faith leaders as a result of  the 2020 presidential contest and the pandemic, according to Nilsa Alvarez, director of the non-partisan Faith and Freedom Coalition’s Hispanic initiative.

Alvarez,  who is organizing voter registration drives, estimated that 99 out of 100 forms collected are for Republicans.

“They’re seeing a lot of the rhetoric in their community and in [American] politics right now … that is eerily similar to the type of rhetoric that led their countries either to socialism or communism in Latin America,” Alvarez told the Examiner.

“If Hispanics and evangelicals haven’t figured out what their vote should look like in the midterm elections, I’m pretty sure Joe Biden is helping them figure that out,”

A Quinnipiac poll this week showed Biden’s approval among Hispanic voters stood at 36%.

Meanwhile, the Republican National Committee has opened eight Hispanic-focused community centers since the first was opened last summer in Laredo, Texas, said RNC spokeswoman Nicole Morales.

“We see a lot, lot of potential that’s based on shared values with Hispanics and Republicans: pro-life, pro-family, pro-opportunity, pro-law enforcement,” she said. “We’re able to share our values and really just get to know the community members who haven’t traditionally voted Republican or just don’t really know what the Republican Party stands for.”

In a column for CNN, Justin Gest, associate professor at George Mason University’s School of Policy and Government said: “We may be witnessing a critical turning point in Latino politics in the United States.

“Contrary to their monolithic treatment by many Americans, Latinos have always been very diverse — economically, culturally and in their ethnic and national origins. But, politically speaking, they were reliably Democratic.

“That may no longer be true. In an era when conservative politics is acutely nationalist and consumed by a sense of cultural threat, a number of new polls show Latino voters growing more Republican.”

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