GOP Senators Object to Funding Government Without COVID Mandate Vote

A group of Republican senators is objecting to the quick passage of a government funding bill unless they get to propose a vote on blocking COVID-19 vaccine mandates, Politico reported.

The six senators, Mike Lee of Utah, Roger Marshall of Kansas, Cynthia Lummis of Wyoming, Mike Braun of Indiana, Rand Paul of Kentucky, and Ted Cruz of Texas, sent a letter to their Senate colleagues urging the vote.

“We will not consent to a time agreement that eases passage of the Continuing Resolution (“CR”) now before the Senate absent an agreement to allow for a roll call vote on an amendment that defunds the enforcement of these vaccine mandates for the spending period covered by the CR,” the letter read.

“These COVID-19 vaccine mandates amount to a serious abuse of both federal power and executive authority. They also further strain the economic and social pressures our society currently faces, while completely ignoring existing evidence-based data on natural immunity from previous COVID-19 infection,” the letter continued.

“Further, evidence-based research has conclusively shown that vaccination does not stop the spread of COVID-19. In any event, President Biden has no business forcing people to make a tragic choice between unemployment and an unwanted vaccination.”

The Senate previously held a vote on a similar effort during the passage of a previous spending bill vote in December, which failed 50 to 48, The Hill reported at the time.

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