Sky News Journalist Wounded When Team Is Ambushed in Ukraine

Sky News chief correspondent Stuart Ramsay and his team were attacked Monday near Kyiv by a ”saboteur Russian reconnaissance squad,” the correspondent revealed in a column on Friday.

Ramsay was wounded in the ambush, and camera operator Richie Mockler took two rounds to his body armor. The crew has safely returned to the United Kingdom.

The group was traveling to the town of Bucha, about 30 kilometers (18.6 miles) from Kyiv, to report on a Russian convoy that the Ukrainian army had destroyed.

Ramsay recalled how countless roads were closed, and they were regularly redirected. At one Ukrainian checkpoint, the crew was warned that it was too dangerous to go further.

The crew then redirected to a different location, which they described as quiet and peaceful until ”something hit the car and a tire burst,” causing them to roll to a stop. They were then barraged by bullets, which they initially thought came from the Ukrainian army checkpoint.

”Producer Martin Vowles, who was driving, got out of the car first, quickly followed by Andrii Lytvynenko, our local producer, leaving me, Richie, and my producer Dominique Van Heerden inside, taking cover in the footwells and across the backseat,” Ramsay said.

While Van Heerden ran for cover, Ramsay was hit. But he continued running with the other four, eventually using a concrete wall for cover.

They then fled to a concrete workshop, where they were invited inside by several  Ukrainians. While the fighting continued, they waited for police to arrive.

”The point is we were very lucky. But thousands of Ukrainians are dying, and families are being targeted by Russian hit squads just as we were, driving along in a family saloon and attacked,” Ramsay said.

”This war gets worse by the day,” he added.

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