You Think? Poll Finds Swing Voters Think Democrats are ‘Condescending’

Boy, it seems like things continue to look worse for Democrats. Any hope that Biden would be able to reset his troubled presidency with his State of the Union Dumpster Fire address is gone now. His poll numbers are still very much underwater, and the writing on the wall clearly reads: Disaster awaits the Democrats in November.

Democrats only have themselves to blame for this. Despite only having a razor-thin majority in the Senate and House, they pursued a radical leftist agenda that was way out of the mainstream, and they are now paying a huge price for that. In fact, a majority of swing voters in the most competitive districts in the nation find Democrats “condescending,” according to a new poll released Wednesday.

The poll, which was released by the National Republican Congressional Committee, surveyed 1,000 registered likely voters in 77 battleground districts and is loaded with bad news for the Democratic Party eight months before the midterm elections.

“The upshot won’t surprise anyone,” notes Politico. “Voters blame Democrats for inflation and crime.” The poll also found a huge shift in these districts compared to 2020. For example, despite Biden winning these battleground districts by an average of 5.5 points, his net approval in these districts is now -15 points.

“About 40% of voters in these seats approve of the job Biden is doing as president, while 55% disapprove,” Politico reports. “Among independent voters, his net approval is -32 — a 34-point swing since February 2021 from a group that often dictates which party holds the House majority. And among Hispanic voters, his net approval is -10, a drop of 31 points in the same time frame.”

A stunning 75% of swing voters say Democrats are “out of touch” or “condescending.”

“Economic concerns substantially advantage the GOP,” Politico concedes. “Voters who identified jobs/the economy as their No. 1 concern favor Republicans by 20 points on the generic ballot. Among those who put ‘cost of living’ at the top, Republicans are at a 24-point advantage.”

As for inflation, the poll has some really bad news for Joe Biden. Despite his efforts to rebrand inflation as the “Putin price hike,” voters are not fooled by this talking point.

“52% of battleground voters blame high gas prices on the Biden Administration and Congressional Democrats’ unwillingness to allow more oil and gas production in the United States, compared to only 31% who blame the war in Ukraine and sanctions on Russian oil and gas,” the poll explains.

Republicans now lead the generic ballot by 4 points.

“This survey confirms what we already knew: Republicans have a winning economic message and Democrats’ failure to combat rising costs is repelling swing-voters heading into the midterms,” NRCC Chair Tom Emmer (R-Minn.) said in a statement.

Naturally, Politico doesn’t want to cast too dark a cloud for its liberal readers and warns that we should take the results of the poll “with a grain of salt” because they are committed internals.

Politico also argues that it is “too small a sample to tell us about individual districts,” but that “in aggregate, it comprises what the NRCC sees as a representative sample of the seats that will be up for grabs in November.”

Okay, well, if that makes them feel better about it. I suppose they can try to convince themselves all they want that things really aren’t that bad for the Democrats. Good luck with that!

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