The GOP Has Officially Endorsed the Insurrection

The Supreme Court fails to enforce the Voting Rights Act, the GOP embrace of Jan. 6, and protests in Canada.

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Episode Notes

John Dickerson for the Atlantic: “The GOP Has No Standards Now

Adela Suliman for the Washington Post: “Marjorie Taylor Greene Says Nancy Pelosi leads ‘Gazpacho Police,’ Causing Collective Spit Take”

Brett Samuels for the Hill: “Pence Breaks With Trump: ‘I Had No Right to Overturn the Election’”

Here’s this week’s chatter:

Emily: Sam Levine for the Guardian: “The Black Woman Sentenced to Six Years in Prison Over a Voting Error

John: “John Grisham Reads Soggy Sweat’s Whiskey Speech

David: Oliver Holmes for the Guardian: “Putin’s Massive Table: Powerplay or Paranoia?

Listener chatter from Cason Reily: BBC: “Who Is Sue Gray?

For this week’s Slate Plus bonus segment Emily, John, and David ponder what makes something qualify as a sport or a game.

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