BREAKING: O’Toole fired by his own caucus

Erin O’Toole has been turfed as leader of the opposition after failing to unite the party following his catastrophic loss to Trudeau last year.

The Freedom Convoy that made its way to Ottawa was the catalyst for the caucus revolt which will see O’Toole thrown out of the Opposition Leaders Office, as well as his historic publically subsidized home, Stornoway.

Calgary MP Bob Benzen doubled down on Tuesday with calls to turf O’Toole/ to right the Conservative ship, asking his colleagues to yank O’Toole from the podium.

“We can be the party of Kim Campbell, or we can be the party of Stephen Harper,” Benzen said in an open letter to his colleagues.

The move appears to be calculated, coming at a time when Erin O’Toole has never been further offside with the party base.

Late Monday night, Conservative Party Leader Erin O’Toole officially faced calls for a caucus review of his leadership.

The challenge was the first of its kind for O’Toole and came after a turbulent week for the failing leader. Pundits noticed a “vacuum of leadership,” where backbench MPs ended up setting party policy while O’Toole waffled over his support for the Freedom Convoy.

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