Canadian’s bank account frozen after trucker t-shirt purchase, MP says

Earlier this week, Alberta MP Shannon Stubbs said that her constituents have also been targeted for the donations made to the Freedom Convoy fundraiser, saying one sent a measly $20 to support his acquaintances participating in the protests and subsequently had his bank account frozen.

“We’ve been under attack by the Prime Minister for six years. He doesn’t get us. He is ideologically opposed to us. He doesn’t like farmers, doesn’t like Albertans, doesn’t like oil. He hates us. We always seem to be like a burr under the saddle,” Stubbs said during Question Period.

Of the invocation of the Emergencies Act, Stubbs said, “It’s a full escalation of all of the insults, all of the disdain.”

“Now [Trudeau’s] gone way too far.”

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