SABOTAGE: Anti-convoy radicals throw nails on road to prevent trucker convoy from reaching Ottawa

“The problem is when people ask,” organizer Benjamin Ditcher begins,” ‘the truckers,’ [the question is] which truckers? There [are] so many convoys coming from different places. We’ve all lost track of them. There [are] a couple convoys coming from Quebec alone, one is coming from the Maritimes, a few from Western Canada — and they all got separated.”

“I don’t know if you saw the drone footage of the trucks of how many tens of miles long, and they were sitting for hours and hours just to make a right turn,” Ditcher continues. “So, sections of them decide that ‘Ok, we’ll turn around, we’ll take a different route,’ and the Canadian infrastructure couldn’t handle the number of truckers that are coming in mass in one direction.”

“So, that gives an idea of how many there were.”

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