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A surprising video of camera footage from the hallway of a Queens public school has come to light on Friday of a Wednesday incident where a 58-year-old teacher allegedly manhandled a 14-year-old student, pushing him into the wall.

The incident started at Cardozo High School, when the teacher demanded a basketball from a student, who then tried to get it back. The teacher, Colin McNally, who is a gym teacher and heavily built, allegedly responded with force.

According to the Daily Mail, McNally has now been charged with harassment and endangering the welfare of a child. He has been released on his own recognizance.

Video clearly shows McNally grabbing the student by his shirt and shoving him roughly up against the wall. He then wrestled the boy to the floor, while students and teachers nearby watched open-mouthed in shock at his reaction.

The student didn’t sustain any injuries related to the incident, although allegations of abuse by teachers has been a growing concern lately.

The Department of Education released a statement, saying: “These are incredibly disturbing allegations, and Mr. McNally was immediately removed from the classroom away from students, pending the outcome of the investigation.”

There was a similar incident in Canada on Feb 10 2022, but in that case it was actually a police officer involved, and the school was in the middle of a student-led mask revolt at the time.

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