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On Thursday, the Louisville mayoral candidate that was shot at on Monday slammed a “broken” justice system that has allowed the suspect, Quintez Brown, to be bailed out just days later.

“Our criminal justice system is clearly broken,” wrote Craig Greenberg. “It is nearly impossible to believe that someone can attempt murder on Monday and walk out of jail on Wednesday.”

21-year-old Brown was arrested on Monday after he was accused of opening fire on Greenberg’s office, where he was conducting a meeting with four others. No one was hurt in the shooting, though Greenberg noted that his clothing was grazed by a bullet.

On Wednesday, BLM Louisville posted Brown’s $100,00 cash bail, claiming that Brown “needed support.” He is a gun control advocate and BLM activist.

Brown has been charged with attempted murder and four counts of wanton endangerment. He has plead not guilty.

According to the Daily Mail, Brown’s friends claim that he was suffering from a “mental health crisis” at the time of the shooting, with Brown’s attorney, Rob Eggert, saying that there are some “serious mental issues at play here,” adding that he will have Brown evaluated.

Eggert has also reportedly condemned suggestions that the attack was anti-semitic.

“If someone is struggling with a mental illness and is in custody, they should be evaluated and treated in custody,” Greenberg added in his statement. “We must work together to fix this system.”

Greenberg said that he and his staff have been “traumatized” the news that Brown has been released on bail.

“That said, I trust LMPD to carry out this investigation properly so that the individual responsible for trying to kill me will be prosecuted appropriately,” Greenberg added. “Regardless of what leads someone to commit a violent crime, there must be consequences.”

“Gun violence is unacceptable under any circumstances for any reason anywhere.”

Greenberg continued to state that “too many families in our city live in fear due to the constant threat of gun violence,” and that everyone must work together to fix the system so it works for all and “is focused on preventing violent crime from happening.”

“I will remain focused on the urgent work to make Louisville safer, reduce senseless gun violence, and combat the root causes of crime,” said Greenberg, who added that he will “lead the effort” to invest more in mental health resources in the community and in jails.

“Mr. Brown and his family are hurting. My family and team are hurting. I pray for everyone involved in this alarming incident,” Greenberg concluded.

Following his release on bail, Brown will be held in home incarcerations and was fitted with a GPS ankle monitor when he left Metro Corrections Wednesday evening after his bail was paid, a according to the Daily Mail.

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, who serves the state of Kentucky, also criticized Brown’s release.

“This far-left Black Lives Matter activist and defund-the-police cheerleader walked into a Jewish Democrat’s campaign headquarters and opened fire,” said McConnell in a statement Thursday

“But guess what: He’s already been let out of jail,” McConnell added. “A left-wing bail fund partnered with BLM Louisville to bail him out. Less than 48 hours after this activist tried to literally murder a politician, the radical left bailed their comrade out of jail.”

“I’m confident that if activists claiming to be conservative tried to assassinate a politician, whatever his mental state, the media would open a 24/7 national conversation about rhetoric on the right,” he continued.

Years prior to the shooting, Brown was named as a “rising face” by Barack Obama’s foundation in 2019, and was chosen as a participant in the former president’s My Brother’s Keeper program.

Brown was also employed as a columnist for the Louisville Courier Journal at one point, writing pieces about gun control and police.

One column published in July 2019, under the headline: “Kentucky’s concealed carry law shows your life doesn’t matter to gun-loving Republicans,” said: “Your life has no meaning to the irresponsible politicians in Frankfort who time and time again choose the National Rifle Association over your life.”

“Their support for Senate Bill 150, which allows Kentuckians to carry concealed weapons without a permit, is yet another warning: They’ve put a price tag on your life and decided that the blood money they receive from the NRA is more valuable,” it continued. “Every time lawmakers vote against gun safety, and thus the lives of our most vulnerable, they show that their hearts can be as cold as the steel of the guns they praise.”

Speaking with WHAS 11, BLM Louisville organizer and co-founder of the Louisville Community Bail Fund Chanelle Helm said the organization wants to keep Brown somewhere safe as he awaits his trial, considering a recent string of deaths at Louisville Metro Department of Corrections.

“They are calling for this individual, this young man who needs support and help, to be punished to the full extent,” Helm said. “It is a resounding message that people are down for the torture that has taken place in our jails and prisons.”

Helm added that said she wanted to have a plan in place so Brown will have access to the mental health resources he needs when he gets out.

She said activists and organizers like Brown most likely have PTSD after the past couple of years of social unrest and the coronavirus pandemic.

“In this case, we’re dealing with someone that has mental health issues,” Helm said.

“We have someone who has ignored the West End and has created multiple opportunities for himself that has been hit by this gun violence, and we have somebody who has been fighting and creating opportunities for others and himself to end gun violence in his community,” Helm said.

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