SPONSORED 30 minutes ago Freedom protesters rescue CBC journalists from icy ditch Garneau said that he would never leave anyone stuck in a ditch, eve…

While reporting on a demonstration camp near Arnprior, Ontario, CBC senior reporter Ashley Burke and her crew discovered that freezing rain is nothing to scoff at.

According to tweets sent out by Burke, a CBC van slid into a ditch beside the protesters’ camp. That’s when a demonstrator named Tyson Garneau, decked out in “Defund the CBC” attire, pulled the team out of a ditch.

Garneau said that he would never leave anyone stuck in a ditch, even if they’re from the organization he wants to see defunded.

Burke said that Garneau had been sleeping in the back of his truck during the Freedom Convoy protest in Ottawa and arrived at the Arnprior camp on Tuesdsay, after visiting another camp in Vankleek Hill.

He lost his job as a trucker and “doesn’t know what comes next but said he wants freedom for his grandkids,” according to Burke.

According to Burke: “Garneau said he lost his job because he took time off work to participate in the demonstration. He came to Ottawa at the start of the freedom convoy and is from outside Thunder Bay.”

Some commenters were quick to disparage Garneau.

“Play stupid games, win stupid prizes,” said one comment. Another person said that she had “no sympathy” for the man. Most comments, however, were positive.

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