SPONSORED 5 minutes ago WATCH: Drew Hernandez shows illegal immigrants being released into the US by NGOs “These are illegals walking out of this NGO…

Video taken near the southern border has revealed illegal immigrants being process and bussed from Eagle Pass, Texas to various places across the United States.

The video, taken by journalist and Frontlines host Drew Hernandez, was filmed outside of the Border Patrol station in Eagle Pass. The station is part of the Del Rio sector in Texas, which is one of the busiest.

In the video, Hernandez explained that illegal immigrants are screened at the border, then are transported to station like the one in Eagle Pass, where they go through a processing center.

Hernandez then points towards buses that are parked outside of the station, saying that they’re owned by non-governmental organizations (NGOs).

The buses take the illegal immigrants from the processing center, to the NGO, where they will receive items like clothing and food, then are transported across the United States.

“From here, is where the federal government hands them off to these non-government organizations,” Hernandez explained. “And this this is how these people get into this country just scot-free and illegally.”

The NGO seen by Hernandez was Mission for Border Help, he explained. “A lot of disguise themselves as like Christian, Catholic organizations.”

As one bus load of people left, another bus was seen pulling up. “Like clockwork, literally like clockwork by the hour.”

Later in the video, Hernandez shows a group of immigrants walking away from he building, noting that “these are migrants. These are illegals walking out of this NGO. You’re watching illegals walk out of this NGO and literally just walk out onto the streets.”

In the 2022 fiscal year, which started in October of 2021, rates of encounters by US Customs and Border Patrol agents has consistently set month records, according to CBP statistics.

2021 was a record year, with 1,734,686 people being encountered by authorities along the boarder.

In 2022, this number is already 1,295,900, with March and April surpassing the highest month of encounters last July.

The sustained increase in migration comes as the Biden administration has been forced to halt their plans to lift Title 42 expulsions.

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