SPONSORED an hour ago Gas in Vancouver tops $2 per litre in historic high Metro Vancouver gas prices broke a historic record, surpassing $2 per litre…

The Metro Vancouver area on Friday has now broken a historic record, as some stations in the major urban centre are now selling gas for more than $2 per litre.

According to CTV News Vancouver, the nuumber is the highest price ever recorded in the Vancouver region, “which regularly sees the highest gas prices in the country and sometimes even on the continent.”

CTV News reported that from downtown Vancouver all the way down to Langley on the Lower Mainland was where the highest prices have been spotted.

Meanwhile, the average gas price within the province of British Colombia was at a whopping $1.864 per litre on Friday, the highest across all of Canada on that day, according to the Canadian Automobile Association, CTV News cited.

Experts are also worried that these ballooning gas prices may excacerbate Canada’s already serious inflation worries, since higher fuel costs will have to be passed down the line to distributors and consumers of commercial goods.

Ontario residents are also experiencing an unprecedented surge in gasoline prices, and they may also be seeing prices start to break milestones before long.

In the United States, prices at the pump are surging. California’s gas price broke a record at $5 per gallon. Despite the historic high, local Democrat leaders are reluctant to halt the California gas tax increase scheduled to begin in July.

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