SPONSORED an hour ago Toronto restaurants to serve ‘Kyiv mules’ instead of Moscow mules Say hello to “Kyiv mules.” Angelo Isidorou

Patrons looking to order a Moscow mule may soon be out of luck, especially if they attend any one of the 12 Gabby’s locations in Toronto, Canada. According to BlogTO, the popular chain will stop serving Moscow mules and stop ordering Russian products. Instead, they will serve “Kyiv mules.”

A Moscow mule is made up of vodka, ginger beer and lime. The new Kyiv mule contains the same ingredients but uses Absolut Vodka, which is Swedish.

“I think it’s amazing that our franchisees were eager to support this,” Jesse of Gabby’s tells blogTO. “We have stopped ordering all Russian vodkas.”

“There was a little bit of pushback, and I was surprised. It only takes one offended person to cause a big problem, and we have a lot of customers come in,” says Jesse.

“We are just early on this idea though, I think first movers can receive pushback, my hope is that every restaurants takes this on. We have the utmost respect for the large Russian-Canadian population and the Russian people. This is not an attempt to erase the Russian history.”

Since making the change, more restaurants have begun implementing the same idea, including District Eatery‘s menu.

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