SPONSORED an hour ago Trudeau Liberals say groups providing ‘dishonest counselling’ to pregnant women will be ‘ineligible’ for charity status Deputy …

Deputy Prime Minister Chrystia Freeland stated that organizations that provide “dishonest counselling” to expectant mothers will be “ineligible” for charity status.

Her comments came in response to a petition from a group of Canadians concerned that the Trudeau government would be cracking down on pro-life pregnancy centers.

“The Liberal Party of Canada has promised in its 2021 platform to deny the charitable status of organizations that have convictions about abortion which the Liberal Party views as ‘dishonest’,” the petition read.

“This may jeopardize the charitable status of hospitals, houses of worship, schools, homeless shelters, and other charitable organizations which do not agree with the Liberal Party on this matter for reasons of conscience.”

The petitioners urged the government to “protect and preserve the application of charitable status rules on a politically and ideologically neutral basis, without discrimination on the basis of political or religious values.”

In her response, Freeland stated that the government would be looking into exactly how potential charitable organizations go about advising pregnant women.

“All Canadians should have the information they need to freely make decisions over their own bodies and have access to the medical care and services that are their legal right,” she said. “Registered charities that provide reproductive health services are required to provide ACCURATE, JUDGEMENT FREE and EVIDENCE-BASED information to women with respect to their rights and options at all stages of their pregnancy.”

“In this regard, the Government has committed to introducing amendments to the Income Tax Act to ensure that organizations that provide dishonest counselling to pregnant women are ineligible for charitable registration.”

While the petition was filed in December 2021, and Freeland’s response tabled a month later, it has reemerged following the overturning of Roe v. Wade by the United States Supreme Court.

While the ruling does not have any direct impact on Canadians, it nonetheless caused many north of the border to call on the government to protect access to abortion and reproductive healthcare.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau called the decision to overturn the landmark ruling “horrific” and “an attack on everyone’s rights,” vowing to fight for “abortion rights” in Canada, the US, and beyond.

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