SPONSORED an hour ago Trudeau slammed as a ‘tyrant’ after invoking Emergencies Act After the arrest of freedom convoy organizer Tamara Lich last nigh…

After the arrest of freedom convoy organizers Tamara Lich and Chris Barber Thursday night, pundits have raised red flags over the direction that Canada is headed.

Batya Ungar-Sargon said that Canada was now “officially arresting dissidents.”

“A country that considers itself a democracy arresting people for the crime of organizing a mass grassroots nonviolent protest should horrify each and every one of you,” she wrote. “Surely we can all agree on that, whatever side of this you’re on.

“Tamara Lich was arrested and her bank account frozen not because she committed a crime but because the government seized power to enable the arrest of dissidents. She is a political prisoner. Whatever side you’re on, surely you can see this is a travesty?” she said.

“This is serious so I’m not going to make any observations about civil liberties becoming a luxury of the pajama class. I’m just going to beg the liberals and Lefties who spent all week cheering Trudeau’s Emergencies Act on to watch this video and ask: Am I really ok with this?”

Rebel News Australia’s Avi Yemini had a similar opinion, calling the incident “Canada’s Tienanmen Square moment,” saying Trudeau is an “absolute tyrant.”

Laurence Fox asked why more foreign leaders aren’t condemning Trudeau’s actions.

“Why isn’t Boris Johnson utterly condemning the actions of Justin Trudeau? Why is no leader of the formerly free and liberal west utterly condemning Justin Trudeau?” he asked.

“These are the questions we should ask ourselves.”

Keean Bexte of Counter Signal said that anyone who does not think Trudeau is a “bootlicker.”

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