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A Centralia police officer was stabbed in the head on Friday while attempting to arrest a suspect wanted for the rape of a child which led to a police-involved shooting. The officer is in stable condition and the suspect was shot and killed by police.

The Pierce County Sheriff’s Department issued a press release on Friday detailing the incident that is now under investigation by the Lewis County Sheriff’s Department.

“Deputy Involved Shooting In Chehalis,” the Pierce County Sheriff’s Department tweeted on Friday.

“Both Detectives are okay. When trying to apprehend the suspect a Centralia Officer was stabbed and another shooting occurred. The suspect is deceased. The Lewis County Sheriff’s Office is investigating both shootings.”

The press release reads:

“At 10:15 am, two of our detectives were in Chehalis to attempt to arrest a rape suspect. The detectives had probable cause to arrest the 32-year-old male for Rape of a Child in the 2nd Degree. The detectives contacted the suspect and then radioed shots had been fired and requested backup.”

“Chehalis Police arrived on scene as well as other agencies in the area to assist. Our detectives were pulled back to the police station and were not seriously injured.”

“Afterward, local officers conducted a search and located the suspect. A second Officer Involved Shooting occurred. A Centralia police officer was stabbed and the suspect died at the scene.

“The Lewis County Sheriff’s Office will be leading the investigation into our detectives shooting as well as the subsequent shooting investigating the Centralia Police Department.”

This story will be updated when more information is made available to the public.

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